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You have found the most reliable seed bank shipping to the USA. Be safe and order seeds from a country where the trade of cannabis seeds is 100% legit and legal. It’s so safe and open to order seeds from Amsterdam that you can even use your credit card to buy them online.

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The Reliable Seed Bank is 100% Legit and Legal Company Registered For Over 20 Years

The reliable seed bank is a real registered company in the Netherlands that’s been shipping cannabis seeds problem-free to the U.S. for over 20 years. The reliable seed banks pays taxes and must follow strict laws implemented to protect customers like you. We only sell you seeds as advertised. You will get the strains your ordered and they will have the THC and CBD levels as advertised. There’s no better or safer place to order cannabis seeds online if you live in the States.

Your credit card statement will show that you purchased something like a common t-shirt. It will never state what you really bought. All seeds are dispatched in super stealth letters that are 100% guaranteed to arrive to you problem free. Shipping times are fast. So fast because they come by airplane. Shipping times are usually just 3 days. It’s faster to order seeds from Amsterdam then it is from other parts of the USA or Canada.

Safer To Order Marijuana Seeds From Amsterdam If You Live In The USA

It’s safer to order seeds from Amsterdam because if you cross state lines shipping seeds, you’re in a world of trouble. But ordering from overseas, you can’t get into any trouble. Even if one of the packages was accidentally ripped open at the border control and they spotted seeds inside they won’t do anything to you. They might just tape it back up and let it continue on or they will take your seeds out and put them into the garbage and send you a letter that seeds are prohibited.

You Can’t Get Into Trouble Ordering Seeds From Overseas

They will not record your name or flag you. They have no idea what kind of seeds were in the package. And if they wanted to prove that they were cannabis seeds, they would have to grow all of them and grow all of them for 3 months, flower them and test them for THC. That’s why is better to order lots of seeds instead of just a small pack. There is absolutely no way border security could afford to grow these seeds out ad test them. The space and electricity costs would be too high. Not to mention 24 hour security guarding the cannabis grow. They also have no proof you ordered the seeds. Buying a t-shirt is no proof and there is no way to catch you red handed unless you actually buy cannabis seeds in person inside the USA. It’s very safe to buy cannabis seeds online in the US from the reliable seed bank.

Reliable Seed Banks

What Strains Should I Buy

Marijuana is a hobby and it’s fun to taste as many strains as you can afford. It’s best to try different types of cannabis. It’s a great idea to buy a tropical haze hybrid strain, a pure haze strain and of course Indica. Most people start of growing Northern Lights because it’s a Indica strain that behaves like a sativa when you smoke it. It’s an experience every new smoker must try. Then you’ll need to try a Rainbow Kush that behaves like the pure Indica it is. That way you know what an Indica buzz is like. Then you’ll need to try hybrid strains like Girl Scout Cookies and Sour Diesel. Move up to a Super Silver Haze which is just awesome and unforgettable. Then when you have the extra money you move unto higher end strains like Pot of Gold Bud, the strain with so much amber THC, the marijuana plant looks like its made of gold.